Personal Injury Lawsuit Myths (What’s True???)

Personal Injury Lawsuit Myths (What’s True???)

Personal Injury Lawsuit Myths (What’s True???) 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

Myths & Misconceptions About Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are numerous misconceptions and myths surrounding personal injury lawsuits and claims, many of which need a legal professional to debunk. A professional team of Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys from Bengal Law has detailed an in-depth guide to help you demystify some of the myths. Read on!

1. Personal Injury Claims Take Forever

It is hard to determine beforehand how long a personal injury case will drag on before conclusion. While some cases are complex, others are straightforward to predict the duration they will last. Your personal injury lawyer should advise you within a reasonable time and complete the claim process as quickly as possible.

2. Your Insurance Coverage will Cater for Everything in Case of an Accident

Although injuries from accidents are common, sometimes insurance firms only pay part of the associated costs. Accident victims may therefore end up footing their own medical bills to some extent. After an accident, you need to contact your insurer to discuss the details of the accident and possible compensation.

3. The Responsible Party will Foot the Entire Bill

You may neglect the idea of filing for claims from personal injuries assuming that the person responsible will pay out of their pocket. However, in many cases, the person responsible settles the bill from their insurance coverage. The cost is therefore only felt through higher insurance premiums.

4. My Employer will sack me if I File a Claim Against them

It is illegal for your employer to sack or threaten you for filing claims for injuries sustained at work. This is against the worker’s employment rights. The employer is required by law to ensure the safety of employees at work and provide them with comprehensive insurance coverage against work-related injuries.

5. It is Not Worthy to File Claims for Minor Injuries

Many people choose not to file claims if they have minor injuries. However, it is within your rights to claim compensation for medical bills from even minor bruises. You should work with a personal injury attorney from Bengal Law to help you determine if it is necessary to file a claim depending on the severity of the injuries.

6. Time is Not of Essence in Filing a Claim

It is advisable to file personal injury claims before the injuries heal. There is a provision under the law on the maximum period beyond which you cannot file personal injury claims, usually three years from when the accident happened.

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