Common Mistakes After An Auto Accident

Common Mistakes After An Auto Accident

Common Mistakes After An Auto Accident 2560 1707 Chase Jennings

Admitting Fault To The Other Driver, Police, Or Insurance

Do not admit guilt or fault in a car accident. Even saying “I’m sorry” and apologizing for the incident could be seen as an admission of guilt. You are under no obligation to admit fault or apologize to the other driver. Similarly, never admit fault or guilt in front of police, or when you talk to your insurance company.

Failing To Call The Police

You should always call the police after an accident. A police investigation and police report can help build your case, and they will also take witness accounts and photos of the scene, which are all useful. They may even issue a citation to the other driver, which is helpful in proving fault.

Talking To The Police Without A Lawyer

This may seem like a contradiction. We just told you that you should call the police if you’re in an accident. And that is true.

However, in most cases, you should NOT answer questions asked by the police about the accident. Anything you say about the accident can be used against you. If you inadvertently admit fault or admit to violating a traffic law – even if you didn’t know it – this could harm your case.

You are legally obligated to give an officer certain information like your license, registration, and insurance. You also are required to take DUI or chemical tests, and the officer can insist that you and any passengers exit your car. But other than that, you do not have to answer any questions.

So, when in doubt, politely decline to answer questions from the police. Before giving any kind of testimony, you can consult with an Orlando car accident attorney like Joel Leppard to ensure you do not accidentally incriminate yourself.

Failing To Gather Evidence & Document The Scene

When possible, take photos of your car, any other involved vehicles, your injuries, the scene of the accident, and more. Documenting the scene can be very helpful when disputing fault or filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Skipping A Medical Checkup

Even if you only have minor injuries after an auto accident, it’s a good idea to get checked out at a hospital. Some car accident injuries may not be obvious at first, such as concussions. And getting a checkup ensures that you’ll have records about any injuries you experienced due to the accident, which will be helpful when filing your claim.

Not Consulting With A Lawyer Before Reporting Your Claim To Insurance

You should call an Orlando car accident attorney after an auto accident before you report your claim to insurance. With the help and advice of an attorney, you can understand your situation and take the proper steps to protect yourself and your claim before you start working with insurance reps.

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